Peak Trans

I had several peak moments in learning about trans. A friend of mine is trans-sexual and I care about her and originally took everything she told me at face value. Total truth. One of the first little peaks I encountered was her bragging about dating 18 year old lesbians. A 40 year old bragging about being hot enough to get teenage lovers seemed kinda male and predatory to me. Sidenote - both girls went on to date men, one even marrying and having children.

I used to think, what harm does it do to let Trans MtoT into women only spaces. And then I started actually meeting these men in women only spaces and was appalled by how uniformly sexist, patronising and domineering they were.

But my peak trans moment was when some young woman (18,19 years old) complained to me that one Trans MtoT kept trying to talk to them about periods and how breasts felt tender. They said they felt incredibly uncomfortable about this. When I talked to him about this, he said it was just girly talk and I was being transphobic to tell him it was inappropriate to talk like this. The young woman’s feelings of course didn’t matter at all!

I then later on saw him dancing at a women’s only disco topless with implanted breasts exposed, while all around other woman were wearing tops.

And I thought, we shouldn’t have to put up with this shit any longer. I still see this same individual on the internet calling out women on their transphobia and I am sure continuing to have no idea of how misogynistic he is.

my peak trans was realizing that people thought it was okay to talk a 11 year old girl on tumblr into thinking her breasts and vagina aren’t part of her “real body” because she liked her hair short and her shirts baggy. she started out as someone who considered themselves a tomboy and other teenage FTMs descended on her, practically chanting “one of us”. she now identifies as an FTM genderqueer asexual demiromantic. she’s 11 years old and felt comfortable with her body until she was told it’s not normal to feel comfortable being a woman.