Peak Trans

When I realised I had worse dysphoria than people calling themselves transgender, and they would tell me to stfu unless I was going to admit that I was trans. See before that I thought no one would choose to be trans (ie transsexual) but now i get it, to be trans**** you dont actually have to have dysphoria and stand to lose any social status by having SRS. You dont have to gamble with anything - your health, your social standing, no - you can just ‘identify’ as oppressed, and then you are.

When I read Stone Butch Blues and realized that my decade of struggle with whether or not to transition was the result of both anti-gender feminists and gender-essentialist trans activists totally erasing Butch women. I found some old-school lesbians and fit in for the first time in my life, even if I’m the only one around under 40. I don’t care how others identify, but they keep applying their politics to my body and attacking any community to which I might belong.

My peak trans moment was when “transgendered” turned into “transgender”. Gender is a noun: I do, indeed, have *a* transgender, but I had spent ten years referring to myself as a “transgendered man”, just as I was a “blue-eyed man.” Suddenly some people on the Internet decided that I was wrong and would pile abuse on anyone who used the term I used myself. Now people use “transgender” as the noun it sounds like, and the same people have the audacity to complain and consider them the problem.

Is anyone else bothered by all the people coming here to whine about the petty cruelties of specific trannies or groups of trannies? It seems like such a selfish, small-minded reason to get into the anti-trans thing, like all those racist idiots who join the Klan because one black guy stole from them or something. That’s not to say I sympathize with those sexist degenerates, though. I just think we don’t need selfish people. We need to think about how trannies harm the world, not individuals.

I agree that class analysis should be prioritised over individualism, but are you seriously comparing the contributors here to the KKK? Opposing the violence, misogyny, and homophobia spewed by trans* activists and their allies is not akin to genocidal racism and never will be.

This might be a peak trans moment


From here on in, I’m referring to womyn who were CAMAB as simply womyn, and those who were CAFAB and ‘identify’ as female as ciswomen. I do this in the interests of cultural feminism, and so that ciswomen can know what it’s like for a tenth of a second to have a womon say, “you are not my sister….

Things like this insanity. For what it’s worth, I get along fine with FTMs for the most part - it’s just that the mix of male privilege and female hormones with MTFs… Wow Please make this submission anonymous

I have discovered that people feel ‘triggered’ by the ‘cissexism’ in the term FGM, and feel it should be changed to CAFABGM. They’re more concerned with ‘cissexism’ and possible jendah identities of girl children than the mutilation of their genitals. People can look at an international human rights issue and only see jendah. Peak Trans, round 2.

My peak trans moment came when I was asked to write a blog and I got a bunch of anonymous death threats. Some of these trans trolls mistook me for another prominent feminist ( who I didn’t know at the time) and sent me her name and full address trying to scare me into silence. I contacted the woman who they thought I was and shared the information with her. I also was able to figure out who this trans troll was from her IP address. She worked for a health clinic in Canada and had messaged me from her work computer. Big mistake.

PeakTrans Moment…

My PeakTrans moment came when I realised that BOTH groups (MtF and FtM)  want access to womens spaces and this causes them to simultaneously say THE EXACT OPPOSITE about Trans in this way:

MtF: growing up as woman means nothing, I am now a woman and have never felt like a man. Your womaness is meaningless. I am just like a ciswoman. You’re transphobic if you disagree now let me into your womens spaces.

FtM: of course growing up as a female means I can still relate as a woman! I’m now a man but I used to be a woman which means something, I’m not like a cisman in this respect now let me in to your womens spaces.

They expect non-trans to engage in some kind of weird Orwellian doublethink where being Trans means the exact opposite to each other!

It is clear they will lie to get whatever they want to feel special. I just cannot and do not believe them anymore……. One of the two groups is clearly lying!!!!

So this happened last night.

I’m reading through tumblr, seeing some people saying things, carefully avoiding spoilers for the new ‘Who, and I see someone saying that trans* women are definitely women, but male privilege is about how you’re treated, and until you transition you will be treated by the rest of the world as male. As such, trans women have some ingrained male privilege they lose during their journey to womanhood, and that’s something that trans women should adjust for.

Now, that is a valid statement. I’m a trans woman, I’ll sign off that this is a real thing. And the person who posted it, transradfem, didn’t say it offensively. They were just saying it.

And then the riots started.

People were screaming. There were death threats, there was yelling, caps were locked … my people are, unfortunately it seems, being represented on the internet by a couple of misguided teenagers trying to re-write culture and existence.

So I am sorry. I am sorry that there are idiots who scream at people trying to open a dialogue in our community. Please know this is NOT how most trans* folks think or act.

i love that idea, ‘check your unicorn privilege’ because so many special snowflakes have that in spades. though there’s obviously violence directed at non-gender-conforming people, the third gender in many cultures is a privileged one, and MtF trans often do get to pick and choose the best parts of each gender’s presentation.