Peak Trans

I feel a bit lost, because I am starting to fear transwomen entering women’s spaces under false pretenses and being a threat to women in general. I still want to support a lot of them, but there are so many bad apples and I feel like the trans* community does nothing to distinguish itself of these people.

The trans community lost me as a supporter when I simply requested that women discussions NOT be interrupted with disclaimers and ‘trigger warnings’ and then I started being attacked by them.  Ironically enough, the same ones who attacked me AGREED that groups NEED their own discussions without being derailed, but when I included women in that, suddenly it was a ‘problem’.  So I guess that I as a WoC can’t even have a say in a discussion about WOMEN.  Typical silencing BS.  NO ONE will tell me not to talk about MY body and thne expect me to accept ‘trans’ individuals as ‘real’ women.