Peak Trans

i peak trans’d when a trans woman was whining to me that people sometimes said shit to her or verbally harassed her when she went out in dresses or heels or some shit, when i get harassed, and often followed home, no matter what i wear, and no matter how hard i might try to “pass” as a man.

My experience

I used to support the trans movement, use to try and use all their pronouns. But when I was told that I couldn’t speak about my body because it was triggering, I couldn’t say no to a trans woman without looking like a “bigot.” That their “feelings” of womanhood was more than my lived experience of it. That any disagreement with them made me a “transphobe” I gave up. Their vehement hatered of homosexuals who say they are not attracted to their specific genitals is what really opened my eyes. 

I don’t want anything bad to happen to them, I just don’t want anything at all to do with them. They act no different than privileged men, any kind of criticism is met with violent threats, any kind of refusal to have sex with them is seen as oppression. And any kind of legitimate discussion is met with derailing and opression Olympic tactics.

I feel a bit lost, because I am starting to fear transwomen entering women’s spaces under false pretenses and being a threat to women in general. I still want to support a lot of them, but there are so many bad apples and I feel like the trans* community does nothing to distinguish itself of these people.

Peak trans happened when I found out what “cotton ceiling” meant. Homophobic, misogynistic and carrying extreme rape overtones. Lesbians do not want to have sex with males, whether or not they wear dresses and call themselves “she”.

The trans community lost me as a supporter when I simply requested that women discussions NOT be interrupted with disclaimers and ‘trigger warnings’ and then I started being attacked by them.  Ironically enough, the same ones who attacked me AGREED that groups NEED their own discussions without being derailed, but when I included women in that, suddenly it was a ‘problem’.  So I guess that I as a WoC can’t even have a say in a discussion about WOMEN.  Typical silencing BS.  NO ONE will tell me not to talk about MY body and thne expect me to accept ‘trans’ individuals as ‘real’ women.

Gender is Stupid. I guess I should elaborate. Gender is a waste of time. I know lesbians who can tell me the whole “I played with trucks and legos” story and gays who assert ”I had more dolls than you probably did” If gender is a social construct (which it is) it stands to reason that you can like gender atypical things and still be sexually/biologically very much a girl or boy. I am starting to feel, the more I read that Trans* women are attention seeking. They don’t want to help women’s causes because they are obsessed with the things assigned to being feminine in gender expression, which is only one facet of development and hardly a definition of who I am. Gender Identity Disorder sounds terrible, and I will use whatever odd pronoun you like, but don’t tell me that my role as woman ought to be defined by the stereotypes you use to define yourself. Also do me a favor and stop crashing the party anytime lesbians get together because you aren’t lesbians, we are homosexual females and you are not female you are feminine males. Meaning: characteristic of a woman; womanish;womanly. 

I was watching a video of Isis King and Janet Mock talking about trans people in the media and they were rolling their eyes about having to do trans 101 during interviews or whatever. I was like really, you’re complaining about having to do trans 101 when the trans movement hasn’t even been around 50 years. Feminism have been around in some form or another since like the 17th century and women still have to do feminism 101 all the time. Even the famous ones. Talk about male entitlement.

The man who raped and abused two of my friends came out as a trans woman a few years ago. I know that women are also capable of sexual assault and I know that the actions of one trans woman doesn’t reflect all trans woman. And yet it started me questioning because I have a hard time accepting someone who, as far as I see, has interacted with women primarily as a sexual predator for a lifetime, as a woman now, or that I’m a bigot for it. Esp now that I see her saying things about radfems.

One out of every twelve transwomen will have her life ended by murder, and here you bigoted right-wingers sit and pretend that you're doing something radical and pro-women by spreading hate. You're horrible human beings, and you're not my sisters.

Please, do not assume that we are all right-wing or that we are all female. Violence against transgender people is horrific and I condemn it unequivocally.

My peak trans moment was having a trans woman describe, in graphic terms, how jealous he was of my body in front of a group of people. I remember feeling so violated, and confused. No woman had ever made me feel that way. Like a flash of lightening, I realized that women had never projected that sense of entitlement to my body at me, but men had. I wrestled with it, but I couldn’t forget it. It was like the scales fell from my eyes.