Peak Trans

My peak trans happened very quickly.

Years back, when I was new to feminism and wanted to discuss it with others, I joined a feminist livejournal community. It was not exactly feminist – very pro-prostitution etc – but it was something

Trans suddenly became a very important issue in the community. That is, supporting the plight of trans people and being a good ally.

I thought, those poor souls, they were just born in the wrong body, a cruel joke by nature.  And I didn’t reflect any further, because I didn’t know anything more – however, as we got more and more topics about trans issues, I started to wonder why such an incredible small group of people was so important to feminism.

We were told to go educate ourselves, so I did. I started to read the blogs of trans people, and visit their sites.

First, a site by a MTF who posted photos of himself in a bathing suit, and talked about how horny he had become lately. He explained it as being comfortable in his new body, but I found it shady – and all I could see was a man with implants. I felt terrible and transphobic, but I also felt like had seen through something. I saw a delusional man with a fetish.

Next, the blog of the adult MTF who had tons of icons -all of underage anime girls in bondage. This love of man-made porn imaginary of females seemed to be common; another of the bloggers kept posting old pin-up drawings.

Finally, the website with comics showing us the hardships of young trans people. The FTM’s were portrayed as active, aggressive and horny, the MTF’s as passive, dainty flowers. I thought: How incredibly sexist! What’s feminist about this? Really intense gender stereotypes, male and female brains, etc.

We were supposed to read those sites to educate ourselves, and I certainly became educated.


When Julia Serano complained in April that feminists had spent too much time “over the last month” fighting the War on Women and that it made transwomen feel alienated, THEN tried to frame it as some kind of feminist move because hey, pre-pubescent girls, post-menopausal women, and infertile FABs aren’t concerned about reproductive issues either, amirite?!?  Jesus Christ.

If it was just that one thing, I’d have chalked it up to the movement having one high-profile crackpot and called it a day, but things like this KEEP HAPPENING and I’m starting to realize that not only do a lot of transactivists have no idea of what it’s like to grow up and live as a female in this world (hm i wonder why) but that they couldn’t possibly care less.