Peak Trans
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(One of) my peak trans moment(s) came first when I was first attacked by self proclaimed feminists and LGB allies for not being sexually attracted to penises. All my life I fought to establish that yes, I am a lesbian, I exist and I’m sexually attracted to females exclusively. Now the very people who talk the loudest about being allies are berating me for not being attracted to people with penises and telling me what MY sexuality means and that I  am OBLIGATED to love cock if the owner of said cock prefers to be called “she” and that if I don’t then I’m a defective bigot “phallophobe”.

I’m attracted to females, and females only. No amount of emotionally manipulative speculations about “well what if you loved a girl more than anything and then found out she had a penis when you finally got into bed” can ‘fix’ my gayness.

I said it to the straights and I’ll say it again to the transtrenders: I’m gay, and you can’t bully me into pretending I’m something I’m not.

If trans* women never had male privilege, as many claim, then trans* men always had male privilege. Having lived it, I can assure you that is not the case. When I couldn’t discuss my life prior to transition and the misogyny I faced when perceived as a male in trans* spaces without someone getting offended and “triggered” it was time to move on. So much of the culture seems to be about trans* women trying to regain the male privilege they lost so they can keep acting the same.

My peaktrans moment came when people starting proposing “DFAB privilege” as a serious concept. Apparently, all DFAB trans people have male privilege (even when they are in the closet and never read as male, even when they are genderqueer and don’t even identify as male), and that plus “DFAB privilege” means we are EVEN MORE privileged than cis men, somehow. The outright vitriol I’ve seen directed at DFAB people (of any gender identity) lately has been making me feel that this movement simply doesn’t give a shit about people like me. I still plan to medically transition as I feel my dysphoria is so strong that there’s no other option, but I am fucking DONE with the “trans* community.”

My moment came when the article about Casey Legler, the cis woman who works as a male model, hit the trans-tumblr scene. By comparing her to Andrej Pejic, apparently the author was proving or supporting how “DFAB people oppress DMAB people”. Seriously, trans logic has been so twisted it’s ridiculous. Sense when do female oppress males? Neither model has expressed being trans or even genderqueer, and to be honest I don’t think being non-binary would change how I feel about it. It’s just trans people whining that a female is getting attention and a male is not. 

It’s misogyny plain and simple. Heaven forbid a strong or bold or non-feminine women be celebrated. Clearly that is the biggest threat to trans women.

TLDR; When trans people start complaining about people breaking gender roles (in a way that doesn’t follow their trans rules) and when they start insulting cis women for existing, they’ve lost me.

When a transman friend of mine defended the misogynistic vitriol of a transwoman and accused me of transmisogyny and transphobia for criticizing the transwoman for harassing lesbians, calling them “dykes” and describing their vaginas as “filthy cunts.”

When I realised I had worse dysphoria than people calling themselves transgender, and they would tell me to stfu unless I was going to admit that I was trans. See before that I thought no one would choose to be trans (ie transsexual) but now i get it, to be trans**** you dont actually have to have dysphoria and stand to lose any social status by having SRS. You dont have to gamble with anything - your health, your social standing, no - you can just ‘identify’ as oppressed, and then you are.

When I read Stone Butch Blues and realized that my decade of struggle with whether or not to transition was the result of both anti-gender feminists and gender-essentialist trans activists totally erasing Butch women. I found some old-school lesbians and fit in for the first time in my life, even if I’m the only one around under 40. I don’t care how others identify, but they keep applying their politics to my body and attacking any community to which I might belong.

My peak trans moment was when “transgendered” turned into “transgender”. Gender is a noun: I do, indeed, have *a* transgender, but I had spent ten years referring to myself as a “transgendered man”, just as I was a “blue-eyed man.” Suddenly some people on the Internet decided that I was wrong and would pile abuse on anyone who used the term I used myself. Now people use “transgender” as the noun it sounds like, and the same people have the audacity to complain and consider them the problem.

Is anyone else bothered by all the people coming here to whine about the petty cruelties of specific trannies or groups of trannies? It seems like such a selfish, small-minded reason to get into the anti-trans thing, like all those racist idiots who join the Klan because one black guy stole from them or something. That’s not to say I sympathize with those sexist degenerates, though. I just think we don’t need selfish people. We need to think about how trannies harm the world, not individuals.

I agree that class analysis should be prioritised over individualism, but are you seriously comparing the contributors here to the KKK? Opposing the violence, misogyny, and homophobia spewed by trans* activists and their allies is not akin to genocidal racism and never will be.