Peak Trans

My peak trans moment occurred when I realized that frothy transjacktivists had appropriated the language of FAAB rape survivors (“trigger warning”) and diluted it from PTSD to “brief sadfeels.” And then they transplain (especially to lesbians), saying “you can’t be triggered by a body/ genitals!” Incredibly rude and violative. I refuse to pander to loons and their triggrrrz about menstruation when they clearly don’t respect the trauma endured by those of us who were raped by men.

It began years ago when I was on the phone with a friend and she started crying and accused me of triggering her when I mentioned the fact that I felt we couldn’t divorce ourselves from our histories just because we wished we didn’t have them.

I began asking around. Almost nobody was willing to own up to their histories. I tried to be diplomatic, to be as careful with my wording as I possibly could.  All I got was denial and abuse.

It opened my eyes. Up until then I’d been a committed trans activist who tried to incorporate feminism in to my activism. Since then I’ve been absolutely frustrated and appalled by the state of trans activist discourse.

Honestly, it also seems to me like I’m not the only one who’s getting sick of it. This blog is testament to that. And I know so many people who were once enthusiastic allies who have been turned off by the antifeminist vitriol, the hijacking of spaces and conversations, the whole “cotton ceiling” concept, the insistence that menstruation and female bodies are triggering and “transphobic,” and so many other things. Even those who are still sympathetic to trans arguments about gender are put off by the violent rhetoric and stalking directed at anybody who so much as mildly disagrees.

And because it needs to be said again. TW: Menstruation. Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

My peak trans was when I was a trans woman said I should put my face in a lawnmower for not putting TRIGGER WARNING!1! on a post talking about my ovarian cyst. Talking about my body is "offensive to women who don't have ovaries."
my peak trans moment began the first time i heard a trans woman insist that trans issues should be the focus of feminism. the final straw was when (certain) trans people and their handmaidens started dismissing women's reproductive rights as "cissexist" (bonus points for TW: Menstruation!). by the time i heard about the "cotton ceiling" workshop it was all over.
Also the first time I saw someone write TW: menstruation