Peak Trans
please post anonymously

in a feminist group speaking about women’s issues. I had no problem with transwomen being there. when I mentioned, however, that we as first world feminists should not force agendas or priorities on women in the global south, who had bigger fish to fry, I was suddenly accused of making transwomen feel “unsafe” and “afraid” of coming to the group. I was banned from the group. I tried standing up for myself and explaining my views. shouted down, there was a demand I make a public apology. I did. didn’t help. accused of being insincere, lying, sarcastic, whatever. then came the stalking, the angry messages at all hours of the night. I was called a bigot, a misogynist, a bad person, stupid, cursed at, hateful, etc. I was shocked. they tracked down my address, said they were going to jump me. I was scared. after further thought, I was amused. who were these freaks? discussion at the feminist group turned to adult baby fetishes, hormones, incest. females drifted away. the group itself was ruined.

The trans community lost me as a supporter when I simply requested that women discussions NOT be interrupted with disclaimers and ‘trigger warnings’ and then I started being attacked by them.  Ironically enough, the same ones who attacked me AGREED that groups NEED their own discussions without being derailed, but when I included women in that, suddenly it was a ‘problem’.  So I guess that I as a WoC can’t even have a say in a discussion about WOMEN.  Typical silencing BS.  NO ONE will tell me not to talk about MY body and thne expect me to accept ‘trans’ individuals as ‘real’ women.

My peak trans moment came after I spent more than a year working on a thesis about young women’s (18-) access to abortion. I began following abortion related posts on tumblr, and found trans women and their allies jumping into every single discussion, crying “cissexism”, editing author’s words, and generally being the worst allies to women possible. I realized that anyone who is so self centered that they have to make an issue as big and important as reproductive rights all about themselves/gender neutral language just sucks. 


When Julia Serano complained in April that feminists had spent too much time “over the last month” fighting the War on Women and that it made transwomen feel alienated, THEN tried to frame it as some kind of feminist move because hey, pre-pubescent girls, post-menopausal women, and infertile FABs aren’t concerned about reproductive issues either, amirite?!?  Jesus Christ.

If it was just that one thing, I’d have chalked it up to the movement having one high-profile crackpot and called it a day, but things like this KEEP HAPPENING and I’m starting to realize that not only do a lot of transactivists have no idea of what it’s like to grow up and live as a female in this world (hm i wonder why) but that they couldn’t possibly care less.

When I was attacked by the trans cult and their liberal handmaidens for suggesting that perhaps women's issues, in feminism, are important too.

My peak trans moment was probably when I heard trans activists talking about reproductive rights and abortion. “If you say that being pro-life is misogynist, then you’re transphobic”, “Your rhetoric excludes men who can get pregnant”, “Abortion isn’t a women’s issue; I’m a woman and I don’t even have a uterus”, and that sort of thing. This was a point I could not and would not compromise on.