Peak Trans

My peak trans moment came after I spent more than a year working on a thesis about young women’s (18-) access to abortion. I began following abortion related posts on tumblr, and found trans women and their allies jumping into every single discussion, crying “cissexism”, editing author’s words, and generally being the worst allies to women possible. I realized that anyone who is so self centered that they have to make an issue as big and important as reproductive rights all about themselves/gender neutral language just sucks. 


When Julia Serano complained in April that feminists had spent too much time “over the last month” fighting the War on Women and that it made transwomen feel alienated, THEN tried to frame it as some kind of feminist move because hey, pre-pubescent girls, post-menopausal women, and infertile FABs aren’t concerned about reproductive issues either, amirite?!?  Jesus Christ.

If it was just that one thing, I’d have chalked it up to the movement having one high-profile crackpot and called it a day, but things like this KEEP HAPPENING and I’m starting to realize that not only do a lot of transactivists have no idea of what it’s like to grow up and live as a female in this world (hm i wonder why) but that they couldn’t possibly care less.