Peak Trans

I have discovered that people feel ‘triggered’ by the ‘cissexism’ in the term FGM, and feel it should be changed to CAFABGM. They’re more concerned with ‘cissexism’ and possible jendah identities of girl children than the mutilation of their genitals. People can look at an international human rights issue and only see jendah. Peak Trans, round 2.

Peak trans moment was looking through the notes on ladymaxwell’s post about not wanting males in women’s restrooms - and seeing dozens calling her a cunt and a bitch, saying she should be strangled with dicks or run over or should kill herself, all in the name of feminism and ‘womens’ rights. In short, telling her that males and their identities matter more than females, and that abuse is only a problem when it happens to males. These people are just MRAs under a new banner; I see that now.

Hi, you posted about CCWF and I'd just like to let you know that I'm Anna Silver, and I've been telling my mom about all the people who have been helping and the women within are really really touched because they never thought they would be able to help themselves. So thank you. :)

Wow, that’s amazing to hear. I’m really glad to get the word out, for whatever it’s worth. Bless you.


When Julia Serano complained in April that feminists had spent too much time “over the last month” fighting the War on Women and that it made transwomen feel alienated, THEN tried to frame it as some kind of feminist move because hey, pre-pubescent girls, post-menopausal women, and infertile FABs aren’t concerned about reproductive issues either, amirite?!?  Jesus Christ.

If it was just that one thing, I’d have chalked it up to the movement having one high-profile crackpot and called it a day, but things like this KEEP HAPPENING and I’m starting to realize that not only do a lot of transactivists have no idea of what it’s like to grow up and live as a female in this world (hm i wonder why) but that they couldn’t possibly care less.

I used to be a supporter for trans people.  I still support human rights for trans people, but its different now, because I know that they see me as the enemy.  I support trans people’s human rights, but I don’t support their right to take my rights away.  I don’t relate to a trans person as just a regular person anymore because I’m always on edge, wondering when they are going to discover that I value my biological female identity and therefore might start to fling poop at me. (metaphorical, of course, I hope…)

That moment of change came when I attended a seminar on trans-inclusion in lesbian spaces.  The facilitator was a genetic woman.  She asked the audience what made a woman.  One by one, women stood up and spoke about what they felt made them a woman.  They would speak to the common experience of being a potential child-bearer, menstruation, vulvas, the expectations put on them as girl children. The facilitator would write each reason down on a huge piece of poster paper and then she would rip the idea apart.  She sounded like what she was saying was just normal, but she was saying things like “periods don’t define you.  They have nothing to do with being a woman.”  Then she would use this marker to slash through the idea on the poster paper.  The woman generally blushed and sat down, defeated.  The facilitator’s marker started to look like a sword to me.  She was slashing, not just the words, but the ideas.  She was slashing what these women thought of themselves as a woman.  Only her ideas were right, and her idea was that being a woman was simply an idea, etherial like the myst and not an embodied reality at all.  No-one else’s idea was to be respected.  That’s when I realized that this movement is about keeping women oppressed.  Even when its other women doing the oppressing, the whole idea is to make sure that young females don’t think for themselves.  Instead, they replace self-thought with concern for another group of people, whom they are taught is more needy than they and therefore more worthy of respect.  The idea that we should always defer our own good for the good of some more needy group is not a new idea, kids.  Its very old and very much made up to keep you younglings in line. 

There are many people who are trans who have nothing to do with these folks.  They are good people who just want to live their lives and be happy.  But the MOVEMENT is the most misogynistic thing we’re dealing with today.  This movement is telling a whole generation of young women what is and is not important to their womanhood.  Its forcing them to discount their female bodies as unimportant, to discount their menstruation as just a side effect, to discount the harm that genetic men have done to women, both trans and biological.  I’m not a second wave feminist.  I was born too recently to have been a part of that.  But I know being manipulated when I see it and I won’t have it.  I have the right to define for myself what is important about my female body.  Anyone who tries to take that away from me is not my friend.