Peak Trans
PeakTrans Moment…

My PeakTrans moment came when I realised that BOTH groups (MtF and FtM)  want access to womens spaces and this causes them to simultaneously say THE EXACT OPPOSITE about Trans in this way:

MtF: growing up as woman means nothing, I am now a woman and have never felt like a man. Your womaness is meaningless. I am just like a ciswoman. You’re transphobic if you disagree now let me into your womens spaces.

FtM: of course growing up as a female means I can still relate as a woman! I’m now a man but I used to be a woman which means something, I’m not like a cisman in this respect now let me in to your womens spaces.

They expect non-trans to engage in some kind of weird Orwellian doublethink where being Trans means the exact opposite to each other!

It is clear they will lie to get whatever they want to feel special. I just cannot and do not believe them anymore……. One of the two groups is clearly lying!!!!

I feel a bit lost, because I am starting to fear transwomen entering women’s spaces under false pretenses and being a threat to women in general. I still want to support a lot of them, but there are so many bad apples and I feel like the trans* community does nothing to distinguish itself of these people.