Peak Trans

i support trans women of color, as a white woman i have no idea what’s it’s like to be socialized as a man of color, and if a man of color transitions, that is none of my fucking business and i will use their pronouns. but white mtfs? hell to the fuck no. they are shady as fuck and why why are so many of them like >40? i see lots of young trans WoC but every white m2f i see is old as shit. i’m not sure why i feel this way, and i don’t think i’ve hit peak trans, but i can feel some fucked up sht

I just got tired of seeing white trans women use and manipulate the stories of WOC and their very real troubles in the world and in feminist movements as a means to attack white feminists. It never felt like a genuine attempt to support WOC, but rather an attempt to divide and conquer.

The trans community lost me as a supporter when I simply requested that women discussions NOT be interrupted with disclaimers and ‘trigger warnings’ and then I started being attacked by them.  Ironically enough, the same ones who attacked me AGREED that groups NEED their own discussions without being derailed, but when I included women in that, suddenly it was a ‘problem’.  So I guess that I as a WoC can’t even have a say in a discussion about WOMEN.  Typical silencing BS.  NO ONE will tell me not to talk about MY body and thne expect me to accept ‘trans’ individuals as ‘real’ women.